On CONSTABLE DICKENS, polishing an apple or apple-like fruit on the breast of his uniform as he catches sight of DRAKE and DRUM.

DRAKE and DRUM are standing as they were, by the barrels.

We can barely see STONE hiding behind the BARRELS behind them, peeking out.


DICKENS looking in their direction, chewing.

1. DICKENS: What’re ye two, then?
2. DICKENS: Fresh off the boat from the Tanitin? Or did you each swim, by the look of ye?

DRAKE and DRUM tipping their hats to DICKENS, who is looking at them suspiciously, still chewing.

3. DRAKE: A clear-eyed observation, Constable.
4. DRAKE: There was an unfortunate accident upon our disembarking…

STONE ducking back into hiding, holding her breath.

5. DRAKE/off: …you couldn’t recommend an inn or similar where we might dry ourselves?

DICKENS eyeing DRAKE and DRUM as he answers, indicating the direction he means with the hand still holding the fruit.

6. DICKENS: Ye’ll find the Flooded Pond up Gallantry, that way.

7. DRAKE: The Flooded Pond, excellent, our gratitude, constable…

STONE peering around DRUM’S leg.

8. DRAKE: …good day to you.