STONE twisting around, anxious, looking up at DRAKE.

1. STONE: —please please let me down, as in, now, Tall Man.

2. DRAKE: Why should I do that as you’ve given me no reason to grant that favor?

New angle, CONSTABLE DICKENS is coming closer, perhaps examining a piece of FRUIT from a cart.

Past him, we can see DRAKE, DRUM, and STONE, and yes, STONE is still dangling. STONE is indicating DICKENS.

3. STONE: Because that fine member of the local constabulary has a fire on his fanny to put me in irons, that’s why.
4. STONE: He catches sight of me and I’m not seeing daylight nor breathing fresh air until I’ve grown to a full lady, and that’s if I’m blessed.

STONE looking up at DRAKE. The act has gone. She’s legitimately scared. DRUM is looking at her, brow furrowed.

DRAKE is tight-lipped, looking in the direction of Dickens, off panel.

5. STONE: I’m in a working house with a chain about my ankle, sir, and that’s no lie.
6. STONE: It’s like to die if not die outright.

DRAKE and STONE, looking at each other.

7. STONE: Please, sir.