STONE, sort of twisting in DRAKE’S grip, hands coming up, all ‘see, good news!’

1. STONE: It is my pleasure, nay, delight, to assure ye that I am not.
2. STONE: That Darius Payne can suck eggs for all I care!

STONE twists further, reaching up to try and break DRAKE’S GRIP.

DRUM is peering at her, a gentle smile.

3. DRUM: Fine answer.
4. DRUM: But incomplete.

STONE gives up on trying to break the grip for a moment, now looking at DRUM.

5. DRUM: If you do not work for Payne, who then employs your talents?

6. STONE: Nothin’ doin’.
7. STONE: Ye’ll not mistaken me for some paté-stuffed Fueille pigeon.

DRUM actually grins at DRAKE.

DRAKE is not half as amused as DRUM.

STONE dangles between them, arms crossed, defiant.

8. STONE: Ye do your worst, I’ve got nothing to say.
9. STONE: And ye best let me go now afore I start to screaming like a—

Past STONE, dangling, as she sees CONSTABLE DICKENS — from the last Chapter — making his way through the MARKET, checking on the vendors and their goods. He hasn’t seen them.

10. STONE: —awww spit and rust and the Rose’s mask, too—