DRAKE and DRUM exchange another look. DRAKE is still holding STONE as before, so she’s dangling in the air.

STONE is twisting about, trying to look at DRAKE.

1. STONE: So, hey, Tall Man, ye can set me back on my pins anytime.

DRAKE, lifting STONE to eye-level.

2. DRAKE: If’n you aren’t riding with those men, just who are you riding for?

3. STONE: You sure do talk funny.

Closer, DRAKE is a little more… stern. STONE is reacting to his intensity.

4. DRAKE: Those men, my friend and I, we recognized them, nugget.
5. DRAKE: Last time we seen them, they were throwing lead our way on the orders of a man named Payne.

Even closer. DRAKE leaning forward. STONE trying to lean back.

6. DRAKE: So I’ll ask you again, plain as you like:
7. DRAKE: Are you in the employ of an outlaw name of Darius Payne?