Reverse, as STONE tries to leap forward, only to be caught by DRAKE and DRUM again.

1. DRAKE: That’s enough of that, young missy.

DRAKE, still holding STONE’S wrist, uses his other hand to take the CASE from her grip.

2. STONE: Ye’ve got it back now let me go.

3. DRAKE: You’re awful close to nugget-size to be making demands, girl.
Moreso when accounting that you stole from me.

DRAKE watching her, as STONE turns to look at DRUM, surprised.

DRUM has cocked his head, looking at STONE seriously as he speaks.

4. DRUM: The men who were watching us at the pier.
5. DRUM: Did they employ you to this task?

STONE, vaguely offended at the idea, blurting.

6. STONE: Oh, roses, no!

On STONE, realizing, now confused.

7. STONE: I mean…yes…
8. STONE: …kinda…
9. STONE: …a little, maybe, ye look at it sideways and squint?