On STONE, framed by DRAKE and DRUM partially in shot, each with a hold on her.

She’s got a Who Me? Expression.

1. STONE: Gentlemen! Ah…
2. STONE: …yes, I see, of course, clearly ye are not from our blessed isle, and
ye’ve taken ill at what is only our curious Allyrian customs of

Similar, but DRAKE and DRUM have started moving forward, which is to say, away from us.

They’re carrying STONE by an arm each. STONE is looking up at DRAKE, speaking faster. She still holds the MAP CASE.

2. STONE: —wherein we attend one anothers’ pockets in a spirit of giving and
ye have mistaken this as theft

DRAKE and DRUM setting STONE firmly down on the top of a BARREL. STONE now looking at DRUM, talking faster.

3. STONE: —and certainly twofinegentlemensuchasyeselveswouldn’twishharmtoasweetfaced-youngthinglikeme?

Reverse, past STONE, on the BARREL.

DRAKE and DRUM looking at one another. DRUM is working very, very hard not to laugh.

4. DRAKE: Something in the water here, they all talk this much?