DRAKE and DRUM at another stall, now examining some clever — if cheap — CLOCKWORKS.

Between them, STONE’S HEAD is peeking up.

1. DRAKE: And what d’you suppose this is meant to be?

2. DRUM: I would imagine a kind of bird.

Behind DRAKE and DRUM, as STONE reaches into DRAKE’S COAT POCKET.

3. DRAKE/above: If that’s a bird, I’m a fish.

4. DRUM/above: Not the way you swim.

On STONE, as she begins to pull the MAP CASE from DRAKE’S POCKET. Her EYES are wide and delighted. Oh, she is so clever.

5. DRAKE/above: I swim fine when I know there’s a meeting with water coming.

6. DRUM/above: You swim like a rock, Miles.

7. DRAKE/above: Suppose that’s fair. I may not have fins

DRAKE and DRUM have pivoted to face STONE.

DRAKE has caught her by the wrist, holding the MAP CASE, and DRUM has likewise caught her other wrist.

8. DRAKE: …but my eyes are pretty good.