CALLOW has turned to speak to BARCLAY, who is still looking in the direction Drake and Drum have gone.

1. CALLOW: This plays to our employer’s hands quite well, my friend.
2. CALLOW: I shall keep watch on the Lady Captain, and if she leaves, shall pursue…

On STONE, perched as before, listening, brow creasing as she considers what’s being said.

3. CALLOW/below: …for it is certain she will not leave the map out of her possession.

4. BARCLAY: And I, Jep?

On STONE, really thinking about that last bit. She’s a professional thief. She knows a switch when she sees one, and this sounds like one right now.

5. CALLOW/below: You will make haste to Mister Payne, and tell him of the opportunity that awaits us come nightfall

STONE reacting. Ohhh, so that’s the play, is it?

6. CALLOW/below: …not only to obtain the map, but to bring harm to his opponent, that smug Mister Farrow….