BARCLAY and CALLOW in hiding, in the shadowed alleyway between two of the dock buildings — a tavern and a fishmonger’s stall, and yes, that’ll matter in a moment.

Past them, we can see DRAKE at the end of the PIER, still dripping wet, waiting for DRUM to come off the ladder. There may be one or two of the PEGASUS CREW already past them, making to head into the city.


On DRAKE and DRUM, each of them still dripping wet, as they make their way down the pier.

1. DRAKE: You just couldn’t stand to give that Vaun the satisfaction, could

2. DRUM: You must admit, Miles, my exit was far more graceful than yours.

Now behind DRAKE and DRUM. They’ve reached the end of the pier, turning to move along the dock. We can see the TAVERN and the FISHMONGER’S STALL, with heavy shadow between them. We cannot see Barclay or Callow.

DRAKE is clearly in a foul mood, though DRUM is as placid as ever.

3. DRUM: Shall we enjoy the sites of Shera, then?
4. DRUM: Reside for a while in the capital of the Allyrian?

5. DRAKE: What we shall is get ourselves dry and fed and on a passage homeward…

And from the ALLEY, as DRAKE and DRUM move out of shot, with BARCLAY and CALLOW just edging into the light enough that we know they’ve heard what’s being said.

6. DRAKE: …the sooner we are from that crimson witch, the happier I’ll be.
Woman has all the charm of a nest of vipers.

7. DRUM: You are sweet on her.

Angle, looking at the alley, from along the dock. BARCLAY and CALLOW are leaning out, watching Drake and Drum disappear, off panel.

And unbeknownst to them, ABOVE them, perched on the roof of the TAVERN, is STONE, cocking her head, listening.

8. DRAKE/off/small: And all these years I thought we were friends, Drum, you go an say a thing like that….