POV CALLOW, through those fancy lenses of his. Watching the LONGBOAT, where DRAKE is fishing DRUM out of the water.

1. BARCLAY/off: She put ‘em in the water…

Still POV CALLOW, now looking to SABRE on deck of PEGASUS. She’s turned to face WEST and GISELLE, and is clearly giving each of them a piece of her mind. WEST looks uncomfortable, almost awkward. GISELLE looks shocked.

2. BARCLAY/off: …by Queen Jenny’s knickers, she actually put ‘em in the water!

And now looking at CALLOW, with BARCLAY at his shoulder, as if straining to see.

The LENSES are down from CALLOW’S top hat, obviously.

3. CALLOW: A most interesting development.
4. CALLOW: Most interesting indeed.

Almost stet, but CALLOW is moving out of panel, and BARCLAY is reacting to what he’s saying, starting to move, as well.

5. CALLOW: We best be out of sight when the Tanitin Two reach the pier, friend Sully.