Sharing the backer update that went out tonight; if you are a backer of our campaign, but did so via PayPal rather than Kickstarter, please read!

Happy season’s greetings to all!

I’m writing this on the evening of the 8th of December. This date will become relevant in a moment.

First, the bad news. As of this time, we do not expect to receive the books from the printer until the beginning of March.

Our intention is to begin shipping orders immediately upon receipt; those receiving the basic trade package will have their books shipped out first; those with personalization, including remarques and inscriptions, will follow. We will do everything in our power to get the books out to all of you as soon as we have them in hand. The delay, obviously, arises from us not having them in hand.

This delay is entirely on us and not the printer, and it’s occurred for a number of reasons. When we undertook this campaign, we’d planned on one book — the basic Lady Sabre trade — only. With the addition of the stretch goals, that meant the preparation and, in at least one case the writing, of the other two books. This took far more time than anticipated, and met with several delays that were unavoidable. This would’ve been enough, but coupled with the fact that Rick, Eric, and I have never delved so deeply into the world of printing before, and despite the fact that we felt we’d educated ourselves adequately, there were points we missed or did not fully comprehend that did not become apparent until we had the actual proofs of the books in our hands. These had to be addressed and corrected, as well (by way of example, the faux-leather for the Rare & Royal that we’d agreed upon with the printer turned out to be exactly not what we wanted; again, this was our failing, not theirs. It has been corrected and we think it’s going to look pretty great, but still…).

For the TL;DR of the above, we’re delayed, it’s our fault, but the books look terrific.

Ozalids for the trade.

Proof of the Volume I dustjacket

Now, the Good News

All the files are locked and at the printer. The presses are due to begin running shortly.

What this means is that we are 95% ready to release the DIGITAL FILES to you. The plan is to send out the download link for all the digital files to you next week.

This means that if you pledged THE BOOK IN DIGITAL, your order will be fulfilled next week.

This means that if you pledged ANY INDIVIDUAL TINTYPE PORTRAIT, your tintype will be going in the mail next week, and you will be receiving your digital link to the book.

This means that if you pledged ALL DIGITAL, ALL THE TIME or HIGHER, you will be receiving your digital copies of ALL THREE BOOKS, as well as the additional files, including a PDF of the paper dolls created by Linda Candello and Rick; the one-hour Word Balloon interview conducted by John Siuntres with Eric, Rick, and myself; and some extra goodies that Eric has cooked up for you.


A really blurry photo I took of the Pocket Guide ozalids.

Sample of the Process book interior.

Which Brings Us to This Final Point

We are now entering our fulfillment phase. By Sunday, December 15th, we will be LOCKING ALL ORDERS via BackerKit. This means: 1) if you still haven’t made your BackerKit account, this is the last chance; 2) if you wish to adjust your order via BackerKit in any way, now is the time.

The Final TL;DR

DIGITAL FILES will be available next week.

TINTYPE ORDERS will be going out next week.

If you haven’t finalized your BackerKit order or account, this is your last chance.

Books will begin shipping in March, 2014.

Our Sincerest Apology

None of us is happy about the delay in getting the physical books to you. We dearly wanted to be sending the books out this month; that said, it is far more important to us that we ship the books you were promised. This means books as we envisioned them, as we described them. Not “almost,” not “close enough.”

We get one crack at this, and we want it to be right. We owe it to you. It really does matter to us.

Thank you for your continued patience. Thank you for your support.

Thank you for holding fast.