Screen 1

Angle, from one of the LONGBOATS now alongside PEGASUS.

The LONGBOAT is filling with CREW, some of whom are descending a ROPE LADDER that’s been thrown over the side from the deck.

A few of the CREW are looking up, to the deck, in surprise. They’ve never heard the Captain like this before.

1. SABRE/above: —still doing on my ship?!

On DECK, SABRE is getting in DRAKE’S face, pointing, furious.

DRAKE is trying to keep his temper.

THANE is looming behind SABRE.

2. DRAKE: Hold your horses, there’s only so much room to each longboat.

3. SABRE: I told you and your tracker to go and go I meant.

New angle, SABRE turning her anger towards THANE, who is raising his hands in defense, surprised.

4. SABRE: I ordered them put ashore the moment the anchor dropped.
5. SABRE: Why are they still staining the timbers of my deck?!?

6. THANE: Captain, I—

SABRE has rounded back on DRAKE.

7. SABRE: Be away, and be away now, Miles Drake!
8. SABRE: If you’ll not take the ladder, I’ll be happy to see you overboard another way!