Screen 1

On the docks of Old Hull, at the unloading pier for the first LONGBOAT comes in. We can see PEGASUS CREW eagerly disembarking, swarming the docks; another two LONGBOATS still on the Glory, making their way from PEGASUS.

1. TAILLESS: —buy a hot meal and a stiff drink and—
2. TAILLESS: —Master saying we’re a-shore a fortnight maybe more—
3. TAILLESS: Where? You’re drinking where? Are you daft?

Angle, along the DOCK, as this first load of PEGASUS CREW makes their way eagerly past us. They’re joking, laughing, eager, excited to spend their coin.

We can see JEPPSON CALLOW, his BLACK TOP HAT, amidst this group, heading the opposite direction, towards the end of the pier.

4. TAILLESS: —waiting for the others or—
5. TAILLESS: —place to sleep, if’n you need—
6. TAILLESS: —know what I’m gonna do, you know what I’m

On SULLY BARCLAY, looking past us, eyes narrowed — he’s trying to track the action on Pegasus.

JEPPSON CALLOW is coming in to stand beside him; Barclay being shorter, we may only see some of CALLOW.

7. TAILLESS: —and the first round’ll be on me for m’watch mates!
8. TAILLESS/smaller: —to the nearest Maker’s House, just in case—
9. TAILLESS/smaller: —such a lovely lass, I hope she waited—

Almost stet, but now BARCLAY and CALLOW are relatively alone, the first load of Pegasus crew having receded into the city. Both men are staring past us, at Pegasus.

CALLOW is squinting.

10. CALLOW: Y’seeing what I’m seeing on that there deck, Jep?
11. CALLOW: I think that’s the lawman we tangled with on the shores of Lake Jenny.

Screen 2

On CALLOW, closer; he’s bringing one hand to the brim of his TOP HAT.

A LENS — like a small monocular — has dropped out of the BRIM of the TOP HAT, in front of CALLOW’S left eye. He’s now closed his right eye, peering through the lens. One hand still to the top hat, having deployed this concealed optic.

1. SFX: klk
2. SFX: whrrr

3. CALLOW: Hmm…
4. CALLOW: …that does indeed seem to be the Marshal, good Sully…

POV CALLOW, looking across the water to the deck of PEGASUS.

Sure enough, there’s DRAKE, speaking with DRUM.

5. CALLOW/off: …and that Keyton Earthwalker with him.

On CALLOW, watching, as BARCLAY squints at him.

7. BARCLAY: We’ll need more guns for tonight if they’re aboard.

8. CALLOW: Agreed, our nocturnal adventure may suffer postponement if—

Stet POV from Panel Three, but SABRE has come up on DECK, with THANE following her.

DRAKE and DRUM are reacting to her appearance. SABRE is pointing at DRAKE, apparently yelling at him.

New angle on CALLOW and BARCLAY. CALLOW still keeping watch. BARCLAY is squinting at him.

9. CALLOW/off: —wait, the Lady Captain makes her appearance