Screen 1

New angle of the street outside the Artifice Club. We’re looking past the SAME CARRIAGE we saw at the end of Chapter Nine. JEPPESON CALLOW sits at the wheel/reins, staring doggedly ahead.

Past him, in BG, we can see FARROW and STONE speaking to each other. STONE is still atop the FENCE.


Stet, but FARROW is now coming towards us/the Carriage, as STONE hops off the FENCE, heading back the way she came.


FARROW at the CARRIAGE DOOR, rapping it with his knuckles as he watches the street.

1. FARROW: Payne.

Stet, but the window in the door has dropped, revealing PAYNE.

2. PAYNE: Farrow.

3. FARROW: Pegasus is at anchor opposite Old Hull.

Day 15
Screen 2

At the CARRIAGE DOOR. The window has slid down, and PAYNE is visible. FARROW is at the door, speaking to him. Neither is looking at the other.

1. FARROW: Sabre will surely send the crew ashore on leave before sundown.

2. PAYNE: …it’s Lady herself and her friends from Tanitin who must be dealt

FARROW speaking to PAYNE. Neither is looking at the other, both watching the street.

3. PAYNE: She’ll keep the map with her until it’s in the hands of the Rose.

4. FARROW: She won’t be summoned to Court until tomorrow.

5. PAYNE: Then we must acquire it tonight

FARROW and PAYNE looking at one another. They’re on the same page.

6. PAYNE: …whatever it takes, Ethan.

7. FARROW: And how mean you to first find, then separate her from our prize?

Angle, PAYNE speaking to FARROW as he thumps the roof of the carriage.

8. PAYNE: Where there’s smoke, Ethan…

FARROW watching, as the CARRIAGE pulls away.

9. PAYNE: …well, you know the rest.