Exterior of the Artifice Club, as FARROW emerges at the stop of the stairs, NEWSPAPER under his arm, looking around.

1. STONE/off: You gonna invite me inside, Mister Farrow, sir?

FARROW to the side to see STONE perched on the fence a few feet away, grinning.

2. FARROW: The club is member’s only.

3. STONE: I’d be a wizard member, guv.

New angle, past STONE, to FARROW. If we could hear it, he’d be sniffing condescendingly. As it is, he’s looking at the street again, drawing himself up, and reaching with one hand into a vest pocket.

4. FARROW: A charming, if flawed, assertion.

FARROW flicks a COIN towards STONE, still perched on the FENCE.

STONE is snatching it out of the air.

5. FARROW: Let’s hear it.