Interior angle, front club room, of the ARTIFICE CLUB.

There are a couple of PATRONS here, in their overstuffed chairs. Some are reading books or newspapers, others in quiet conversation. One of the PATRONS is pointing indignantly at the large BAY WINDOW with his newspaper or similar.

FARROW is seated in his chair, reading the NEWSPAPER – the Shera Clarion, as before.

1. PATRON: Oh, I say

OTS FARROW, lowering his newspaper enough to see over it to the WINDOW.

STONE is clinging to the FENCE outside, just visible, looking at him. She’d be grinning ear-to-ear if we could see her grin, but she’s too short.

2. PATRON/off: —another urchin smudging the windows!
3. PATRON/off: Someone tell Dawkins—

On FARROW, folding his paper.

4. FARROW: Allow me.

OTS STONE, outside, watching as FARROW leaves the room.