Right, well… as with so many things recently, my plans have gone awry.

I’d intended to be posting a series of short updates throughout the week as the files finally reached “locked” and ready to be submitted to the printer. That first part didn’t happen, but as I type this, Doc Newsom is putting the final touches on the Annotated Process Book layout, and Rick has completed the last of his adjustments to the cover.

So, with all this in mind, I thought it was time to show you some of what we’ve been up to.

The Pocket Guide

First off, then, a follow up to the title page I posted earlier from the Windsheer Pocket Guide. Here’s the cover of the book; it’s going to be quite small, as we said. Eric Trautmann handled the design on this one, and I think he really knocked it out of the park. Once printed, this is going to be a lovely artifact of our fictional world.

Here’s the cover:

Cover to the Pocket Guide - note the title change.

And here’s an example of the interior:

Interior page - Robert Guillory of Ence, in Fueille, in his own words.

Of note: both Erics had suggested to me separately that, while we’re printing the Annotated Process and the Pocket Guide in black and white, it would be relatively simple to make the digital editions of these books in color.

So be on the look out for that.


Rick coughed up a plethora of design images he’d been sitting on or otherwise hiding. Not all of them will make it into the print version of the Annotated Process book, but we’re considering adding more of them into the digital on that, as well. They’ll include things like this, the first drawing Rick ever did of Sabre (and you can see how much the design changed).

Original Sabre design by Rick Burchett, March 2011.

Goodies from Optimysticals

Adrian and Mick at Optimysticals have been toiling in the mines, too, and they’ve sent these two images for us to share with you. The first is of the “Sabre dog tag”:


And here’s a prototype of the keychain:

The keychain.

Now, The Trade Itself

First, some more from Sterling Hershey’s department. If you haven’t seen his proof-of-concept video yet, you should definitely check it out. But right now, I want to share a section of the deck plans:

Main Deck, HMS Pegasus, by Sterling Hershey.

And finally, there’s this. Rick spent a LONG time working on the dust jacket, and it’s beautiful, and his attention to detail truly shows. I don’t actually want to reveal the FRONT yet, but, as a tease, here’s the back of it:

Back of Volume I dust jacket, design and art by Rick Burchett.

And That’s Where We Stand

We’ll have more news in the coming week as proofs are corrected and approved, and as we get the delivery dates for the books. And, yes, Rick has finally received his Cintiq, and has promised a video soon. We’re going to hold him to it.

Final note: I’ll be at New York Comic Con from the 10th to the 13th, signing at Image, Oni, and the Splash Art booth, as well as on a Lazarus panel Sunday, and moderating the Thrilling Adventure Hour panel on Saturday. If you’re at the show, please stop by and say hello!

Thanks for your patience, perseverance, and support, and, always,

Hold fast!