Screen 1

LIGHT looking at STONE with that kind of doubtful expression siblings reserve for one another. STONE is indignant.

1. LIGHT: Ye know what to do?

2. STONE: Of course!

LIGHT raising the GLASS again as he turns away from his sister to resume his watch.

STONE is shrugging the COIL of ROPE off her shoulder.

3. LIGHT: You run all the way there, Stone.
4. LIGHT: Don’t dawdle for sweets or nothing.

5. STONE: I know what to do, Light!

Angle on STONE, throwing one loop of the rope around a sturdy looking CHIMNEY.

LIGHT is still watching the harbor through the glass.

6. LIGHT: She’s dropping anchor opposite Old Hull.
7. LIGHT: You tell them that, that she’s anchoring on the Glory.

8. STONE: I told ye—