If you’ve been following the updates over at Kickstarter, you’ll be aware of the run of… I don’t want to call it bad luck, especially given the context and state of the world today. Let’s call them “complications.” Nobody’s lost a limb, you know, so… it’s important to keep things in perspective.

You may have noticed that there was no new screen on Monday. This was because Rick could not get us the screen for Monday. Today’s screen is the screen that should’ve gone up on Monday. But this is Thursday. Why is it going up on Thursday, you ask? Because Rick’s computer ate itself with a viral infection, that’s why.

The good news is that this has forced Rick to open up his shiny new iMac that was purchased through your kind auspices as part of the Kickstarter Campaign (Rick 2.0). And today we got word that his Cintiq should be arriving within the next week.

So that only took… two months longer than expected.

If we ever do get an unboxing video, it might well implode.

Rick seems to be back up and running now, and hopefully we’ll be digging out of the schedule morass as we try to finalize the books for the printer in the next two weeks. We’re still on schedule, albeit barely.

Keep your fingers crossed and

Hold fast!