Screen 1

Looking at LIGHT, who’s pointing the GLASS straight at us. He’s leaning forward, now, excited.

STONE is sliding down the roof to join him, even more visibly excited.

1. STONE: You’re sure?

2. LIGHT: Think so, she’s coming in

POV LIGHT, through the glass. We’ve got a view of the traffic in the HARBOR as PEGASUS comes in to land in the water, kicking up a SPRAY of water and foam.

3. LIGHT/off: …need a look at the figurehead

Stet POV, PEGASUS is in the water, coming about towards us enough to reveal the FIGUREHEAD of the ship.

4. LIGHT/off: …there, it’s her

On LIGHT, with STONE looking eagerly over his shoulder. LIGHT has brought down the GLASS. He looks satisfied.

5. LIGHT: …it’s Pegasus.