Screen 1

Longshot, STONE and LIGHT on the roof. LIGHT still hasn’t moved.

STONE is coming gracefully out of the handstand, still maintaining her balance.

1. STONE: I’m hungry.

2. LIGHT: There’s sausages left in the bag.

STONE sliding on her butt down the roof to settle beside her brother.

LIGHT is still keeping watch.

3. STONE: No, there ain’t.
4. STONE: We ate ‘em up already, remember?

LIGHT still keeping watch, as STONE looks up at him imploringly.

5. STONE: Liiiight.
6. STONE: We’ve been up here for hours.

STONE tugs on LIGHT’S ARM, just enough for his attention, not enough to keep him from his watch. Imploring as only a little sister can.

7. STONE: Please let me go down.
8. STONE: I promise I won’t be more than an hour. Just to get
something to eat

On STONE, as LIGHT pulls his arm free, leaving her crestfallen and a little sullen.

9. LIGHT: Not yet.