Angle as STONE turns a CARTWHEEL along the apex of the rooftop.

LIGHT hasn’t moved, still watching with his glass.

1. STONE: What ‘bout now?

2. LIGHT: Nothing.

STONE, amusing herself, now turns from the cartwheel into a handstand, reversing direction, walking on her hands.

LIGHT hasn’t moved.

3. STONE: What ‘bout n—

4. LIGHT: Same nothing!

STONE, standing on her hands on the apex of the roof, now looking at her brother.

5. STONE: I wasn’t going to say it.

On LIGHT, the GLASS still to his eye, concentrating.

6. LIGHT: You sure were, Stone…

STONE, upside down, on her hands. Sticking her tongue out at her brother.

7. LIGHT/off: …and put your bleedin’ tongue back where it belongs.