Screen 1

The rooftops of Shera, smokestacks and grime. It’s midday, but you’d hardly know it, the sky overcast and heavy with filth.

It’s a wide shot, looking out towards the HARBOR. We can see SHIPS of all sorts – merchantmen predominantly, but the occasional naval vessel, maybe even a glorious 1st or 2nd RATE on the water, all of them plying their trade. Some ships remain on the WATER, some in the SKY, some coming in for a landing, some taking off. The odd DIRIGIBLE or HOT AIR BALLOON, maybe even a couple of SINGLE or DOUBLE-SEAT FLYERS. It’s a busy, bustling city.

If we can swing this, we’re actually OTS of LIGHT, wedged between the narrow stovepipe smokestacks and the crenelated edge of the rooftop, here. He’s got a SPYGLASS raised to his eye, and is keeping a careful watch on the traffic coming into the port.

1. CAPTION/locator: Shera – Capital of Allyria.

Reverse, but still wide. Now looking at LIGHT, with his SPYGLASS raised to his eye. His sister, STONE, is visible past him, at the apex of the steeply slanted roof, walking along the line of slate shingles like a tightrope walker on a wire (and in truth, it’s almost as treacherous and tricky a task). There’s a damp up here from the morning fog.

Past STONE, we can see SHERA spreading out beyond them, the mixture of SLUMS along the both banks of THE GLORY, the river that slices through the city. We might see MARROW BRIDGE raised to accommodate river traffic.

We are rather high up.

As for STONE and LIGHT… their names seem to be a contradiction; LIGHT is older, perhaps thirteen or fourteen, and a big lad already, clearly quite strong. His hair is a mass of loose curls, and his features are in that transition from a boy to a man. He’s got a TOOL BELT slung like a bandolier, and a shoulder-bag wedged at his feet.

STONE is ten or so, lithe, her hair tied up in a ponytail at the top of her head, lopsided. She wears a jury-rigged harness of POUCHES containing who-knows-what, and a COIL OF ROPE slung across her torso.

Both are dressed in worn, and oft-repaired clothes. Their faces are smudged with soot and dirt.

2. STONE: Anything?

3. LIGHT: Nothing.