Two shot. The tension has broken, somewhat.

DRAKE now leans against the table, opposite SABRE. She still holds the MAP in her hand. Both are looking at it.

1. SABRE: As you say, there are many who will not rest until they have this map in their hands.
2. SABRE: A powerful many, in all respects.

Wide shot. SABRE, DRAKE, the cabin, the MAP in her hand.

3. SABRE: I can no sooner refuse my Rose than you relent in your pursuit of Darius Payne.

4. DRAKE: Then chart a course to satisfy both.

5. SABRE: I fear in doing so, I will place ourselves at odds.

On SABRE. Serious, looking at DRAKE.

6. SABRE: Marshal, it grieves me to say it…

On DRAKE, reacting.

7. SABRE/off: …but I want you and your Tracker off of my ship.