Screen 1

DRAKE stands, angry, trying to control himself. This woman infuriates him beyond belief; every time he thinks he has a take on her, she throws a curve ball. Fists clenched.

SABRE is facing him, much as before. She doesn’t need his moral superiority right now.

1. DRAKE: You would give the future of the Sphere to your Rose.

2. SABRE: As my duty demands.
3. SABRE: A topic upon which you seem to claim much authority.

DRAKE. He’s barely able to keep his voice level. SABRE is almost dismissive, moving back to the TABLE.

4. DRAKE: My duty is and always has been to the law, and those it protects.

5. SABRE: The law is made by men, Marshal. It serves those who write it.

New angle, SABRE has picked up the MAP, beginning to roll it up again. DRAKE still focused on her.

6. SABRE: If you’ve not learned that by now, you’re more a fool than I thought.

7. DRAKE: And you less the woman I hoped if you make no difference between my ideals and your politics.

DRAKE has moved forward. He’s almost imploring SABRE.

SABRE has the MAP rolled in her hands. She’s a little taken aback, despite herself, at both Drake’s intensity and his earnestness.

8. DRAKE: The Smoke, or the Hollern, or the Vaun, or the Fueille, or your bloody Rose herself…
9. DRAKE: …all would use the knowledge in your hands for selfish design!

Day 6
Screen 2

Tight past DRAKE, to SABRE, the MAP rolled in her hands. She’s looking down at it. She really wishes Drake would just shut up so she can go back to quietly ignoring all the inner voices that are agreeing with what he’s saying.

1. DRAKE: If that map tells true, a Great Storm is coming.
2. DRAKE: Five years, ten years at most, mayhaps, but coming like dark thunder even so.

New angle, DRAKE is calmer, watching SABRE. SABRE continues staring at the MAP in her hands.

3. DRAKE: Those without warning will be swept away in its face.
4. DRAKE: You know what’s proper…

CU on SABRE’S HANDS, holding the rolled MAP tightly.

5. DRAKE/above: …you know hold our future, m’Lady.

DRAKE, more gently. SABRE is staring at the MAP in her hands. She’s really trying to fight this off, but he’s saying everything she’s been thinking.

6. DRAKE: You know

7. SABRE: Oh, shut up.