I wrote this up on my tumblr, but Eric suggested I repost it here, and far be it from me to ignore anything DOCTOR NEWSOM says.

(You read that right. We now get to refer to Eric, officially, as “The Professor.” I expect you all to commence with the congratulatory posts at once.)

Rick and his family went on a vacation to Wisconsin. I’m not kidding, this is totally straight. And Rick took a whole new computer set-up with him, that his sons helped him get up and running. Because, you know, Rick’s in comics, which means there’s really no such thing as a vacation.

So he’s been working and working and working. Lady Sabre stuff and his other projects, of course. Doing design work for the extra Lady Sabre Kickstarter content. Keeping busy.

And of course, he’s doing the screens, right? So we can resume our regular posting schedule. Except, Wednesday last, Eric and I, we don’t hear anything from Rick. No update. No new screen. Nothing. We send up a flare. Nothing. We send up a flare on Thursday. Nothing.

Friday morning, Rick gets in touch. Seems where he is in northern Wisconsin is remote enough that he’s been having coms trouble. Seems the internet in the region went down. Seems it won’t be fixed for FOUR MONTHS.

Rick’s workaround has been to get in the car with a laptop, drive an hour or so to the nearest town, park in the lot in front of the local library, and use their free wifi to get back online.

Why I’m telling you all this? Well, it’s kinda funny. But also, man, this screen? Monday’s screen? (And Thursday’s)? They came to you the long way.

Hold fast!