Closer on GISELLE and DRUM, as DRAKE reaches down and plucks the book from GISELLE’S grasp.

We can see the TITLE of the book – and yes, it’s unquestionably a bodice-ripper, if we are to be so generous in appellation – “Esmerelda Beneath the Red Sail” by “Quill.”

1. GISELLE: “…nor the unmistakable passion smoldering in his gaze. She felt within her, then, an awakening of a most curious sort, one she could not yet name—“

GISELLE looking up from beneath the brim of DRUM’S hat. She’s smirking.

DRUM has opened one eye.

2. GISELLE: That’s my personal copy, if you doesn’t mind, sir.

Wider, DRAKE with the BOOK in his hand, snapping it closed. He’s grumpy.

GISELLE is teasing him gently, grinning. DRUM is still watching with one eye.

3. GISELLE: If’n you’re in search of a similar tale for yerself, Cap’n’s got several she’d lend you, I’m sure.
4. GISELLE: I can recommend “Wrapped in the Red Sail” if’n you wish your passions suitably stirred.

On DRAKE. Scowling as he hands the book back to GISELLE.

5. DRAKE: Read quiet.