Establishing, PEGASUS at Aether. It’s been a couple days since the battle, but there’s still visible damage to the ship. We can see CREW at work, still repairing the RIGGING and RATLINES on the MAINMAST.

1. GISELLE/ship: “‘But who are you?’ Esmerelda cried, awash in confusion and relief both. ‘Tell me, that I might know to whom I grant everlasting gratitude…”

In the SURGERY, such as it is, below decks. We’re looking at SENN, as he gazes down at one of the INJURED CREWMEN laying on a cot. SENN is wiping his hands, and looking rather grim.

We can see perhaps one or two other WOUNDED CREW here.

2. GISELLE/off: “‘…for surely, if you had not attended my defense, those rogues would have robbed me of more than my jewels alone.’

New angle, belowdecks, we’re seeing DRAKE making his way towards us past the stowed guns. HAMMOCKS are slung and filled with SAILORS, asleep. DRAKE has to stoop.

3. GISELLE/off: “The stranger put his gaze upon her, rising up to his full, magnificent height…

4. GISELLE/off: “…and it did not escape her how broad and strong his shoulders appeared beneath his tattered coat…

Angle on GISELLE and DRUM. They’re curled up together rather cosily amidst coils of rope. GISELLE is wearing DRUM’S HAT, and she’s reading from a BOOK in her hand. DRUM is smiling slightly to himself, listening to her read, his eyes closed.

DRAKE is passing.

4. GISELLE: “…nor how darkly, dashingly handsome were his features drawn…