Screen 1

New angle, perhaps past PAYNE, but favoring FARROW and the CARRIAGE that has now pulled up.

THREE of the “Five Gunmen” are aboard -JEPPESON CALLOW, BEAUFORT, and SARGENT MENDEL BURLEY. CALLOW sits at the driver’s seat, reins in his hand, with BEAUFORT beside him.

BURLEY is opening the door on the side.

ALL of the GUNMEN are looking at FARROW.

1. PAYNE: Have you met my companions? Allow me to introduce them…

On CALLOW and BEAUFORT, on the driver’s seat. CALLOW is putting a knuckle to the brim of his hat in polite greeting, but there’s no smile.

BEAUFORT sits beside him, glowering. He’s a mean ‘ol cuss.

2. PAYNE/off: Jeppeson Callow sits at the reins, he you may have heard of from
that sorry business in Daghten a few years back.
3. PAYNE/off: And Mister Beaufort beside him. We do not speak of his sins.

Angle, BURLEY standing beside the open door of the CARRIAGE. He’s giving Farrow the eye, and it’s pretty clear what he thinks of the man from his expression. He is not impressed.

4. PAYNE/off: Sergeant Burley, here, served with distinction in several campaigns
of the Hollern, the Fueille, and even amongst the Tanitin Region…

Screen 2

PAYNE and FARROW again. FARROW is looking to PAYNE once more. PAYNE has come a little closer, the same easy manner as ever.

1. PAYNE: …though said distinction was not always honorable.

2. FARROW: You’ve brought thugs. How proud you must be, Darius.
3. FARROW: This is meant, I assume, as intimidation?

PAYNE is moving to the door of the carriage, still speaking to FARROW, who is watching him.

4. PAYNE: Intimidation, Ethan? No, not at all.
5. PAYNE: Rather a consideration for you to undertake.

PAYNE, leg up, about to enter the carriage, and he’s still smooth as silk with FARROW.

FARROW is impatient and now growing indignant; he’s been frightened enough this evening, he’s done with it.

6. PAYNE: He has made his will known to us, and we have seen his
7. PAYNE: Failure in this will be dire for us both.

On PAYNE, and now he’s serious. This is the offer.

8. PAYNE: You know the Court and I stand familiar with the streets.
9. PAYNE: Perhaps, in concert, we might overwhelm Lady Sabre’s… defenses,