Screen 1

Back in the Aether Den, FARROW is hurriedly coming through the SECRET DOOR at the back. KEENE is moving towards him, anxious.

FARROW is furious.

1. FARROW: You duplicitous snake, you knew Payne was with him!
2. FARROW: Have I not earned at least a warning from your lips?

New angle, reverse, as PAYNE comes through the door, to see that FARROW is roughly storming his way up the far stairs, to exit the den.

KEENE is looking after FARROW.


PAYNE passes KEENE. He’s quite calm.

He’s flipping a GOLD COIN – “one whole” – to KEENE, who is catching it with a grin.

3. PAYNE: Joy to you, Mister Keene.

4. KEENE: And to you, Mister Payne.

Exterior of the Aether Den. It’s still night, and if anything it’s gotten colder and damper.

FARROW is raising his CANE, trying to flag a cab that is approaching.

PAYNE is ascending the stairs behind him.

5. FARROW: Attend!
6. FARROW: Driver, blast you—

Screen 2

Angle as the CAB passes FARROW without stopping. FARROW is not having a good night, CANE still raised, shouting after the driver.

1. FARROW: —attend to a fare!

2. PAYNE/off: If I imagined your consenting to such a thing…

FARROW turns to see PAYNE, pulling on his gloves. PAYNE’S manner is as mild as ever.

3. PAYNE: …I would offer you my company and conveyance, Ethan.

4. FARROW: An offer implied is not the same as a courtesy granted.

The two men, facing each other. FARROW is nakedly hostile. PAYNE is as before, tugging on his other glove.

5. FARROW: Your company, sir, I can do without.

6. PAYNE: A shame, a certain shame

Angle, PAYNE is now gesturing, summoning his CARRIAGE which is pulling up behind FARROW.

FARROW is starting to turn.

7. PAYNE: …for here my transportation awaits.