THE SMOKE is leaning in, essentially putting his snout between PAYNE and FARROW, so he can look at each man with one of his enormous EYES.

Rick, this might be fun to do as a split screen, with FARROW on the left, and PAYNE on the right, the gutter along THE SMOKE, facing us.

1. THE SMOKE: I desire the map and I will have it.
2. THE SMOKE: There are two of you, with agents and power at your disposal.

On THE SMOKE, turning his head to retreat into darkness. FARROW and PAYNE both reflected in his eye.

3. THE SMOKE: Burn Pegasus.
4. THE SMOKE: Kill Sabre.
5. THE SMOKE: Do whatever you must…

On PAYNE and FARROW, standing in the enormous cavern, the wisps of Aether smoke, as THE SMOKE slinks back into the void.

6. THE SMOKE: …but one of you will succeed, or both shall answer for the failure.