Screen 1

Wider, FARROW and THE SMOKE. The Smoke has receded somewhat, more comfortable being unseen, and, frankly, aware of the power it gives him.

FARROW is nervous as hell, his mind racing.

1. FARROW/small: She has the map
2. FARROW/small: …then she means to deliver it to the Rose.
3. FARROW: She’s on her way


THE SMOKE is watching Farrow balefully with one eye.

4. FARROW: …she’s coming here.

THE SMOKE. All malevolence and subdued menace. This is his will.

5. THE SMOKE: Agent Payne estimates Pegasus will make Land in five days.

FARROW listening, as THE SMOKE spells this out. FARROW is anxious, and devious, and scared, so he’s paying attention.

6. FARROW: Agent Payne failed you, sire. Why should you give weight to such a report?

7. PAYNE/off: Because, Farrow…

Day 10
Screen 2

As if emerging from beneath one of THE SMOKE’S wings, out of the mist and darkness, comes PAYNE. He’s looking as confident and smooth and assured as he did back in the Tanitin.

He, like Farrow, has removed his hat.

1. PAYNE: …I’m not the coward here, remember?

As odd a three-shot as I can imagine, Rick – FARROW facing PAYNE, with THE SMOKE looming in the shadows over them.

FARROW and PAYNE are looking at each other evenly. They don’t like each other.

2. FARROW: Darius. Still an overstuffed brute in a suit, I see.

3. PAYNE: Ethan. The same mollycoddled lickspittle as ever, I see.

4. THE SMOKE: Enough.

On THE SMOKE, glaring down at them.

5. THE SMOKE: Delight me though it may to hear you two belittle one another, it
distracts from your purpose.