Hey everybody,

First: Memorial Day is upon us in the U.S., and we offer our best wishes for those observing, remembering, or commemorating today.

Second: There’s no new strip, but Greg, Rick and I are still hard at work on the Kickstarter campaign to print our first volume (which is almost in its final week now). We blew past our initial goal long ago, but we’re continuing to add rewards and new tiers to hopefully make contributing worth your while, and also because we’re pleased as punch to be in a position to do the things with this book and this world that we’ve talked about since day one, but never thought would be possible. Thank you all again.

This week, we added a new semi-limited edition in a style that resembles the cover treatments of books around the turn of the last century. We’re calling it “The Style to Which She is Accustomed,” and, in its early stages of design and development, looks like this:

Lady Sabre book cover mock-up

Because I love you all, here’s a little something I haven’t shown over at the Kickstarter page, one of the spreads for the inter-chapter section of the book:


And, if you missed our Google Hangout the other night, watch the archive below, and try to ignore me saying “Uh um uh um uh um” the whole way through and generally fail at being a proper moderator. We had fun doing this, and I bet if you guys pestered Greg and Rick a few months down the road, they’d be willing to do it again!