Screen 1

THE SMOKE lowers his massive head, so that one EYE is level with FARROW – this is as close as he can manage to looking someone in the eye. We should see all the power and sinister purpose we can manage in SMOKE’s eye, here.

FARROW dare not look away.

1. THE SMOKE/effect: It’s those manners that have kept your heart beating in your breast.

New angle, FARROW relaxing, as THE SMOKE shifts away, his head pulling back into the DARKNESS and the wisps of smoke.

2. THE SMOKE/effect: You know why you’re here, Farrow?

3. FARROW: Because you command it, sire.

FARROW reacting, almost wincing, as THE SMOKE laughs.

4. THE SMOKE/effect: HAH!
5. THE SMOKE/effect: No, Farrow, you’re here because you’re a coward.

FARROW taking a half-step back as THE SMOKE comes in close again, head higher, so we’re seeing the slope of that long, scaled and knotted neck. Wisps of Aether-smoke drip from THE SMOKE’S nostrils.

6. THE SMOKE/effect: …servile does not mean obsequious, meat.
7. THE SMOKE/effect: At least Agent Payne has his dignity

Screen 2

FARROW, stung by what the Smoke is saying. It stings because it’s true; the Smoke is reading him like a book. Farrow is, thoroughly, craven.

1. THE SMOKE/effect/off: …you don’t even have that.

New angle, larger shot. FARROW standing, ashamed, as THE SMOKE stretches his neck, so that he’s looking at him from the side.

We can see a very, very small DRAGON – about the size of an eagle – flitting through the air to alight on THE SMOKE’S head.

2. THE SMOKE: I shall ask again, and expect a better answer.
3. THE SMOKE: You know why you’re here?

On FARROW. He’s very, very worried, now.

4. FARROW: No, sire.