New angle, as FARROW edges forward, into the SMOKE that’s rising around him.

FARROW doesn’t know which direction he should be facing to speak, so he’s trying to subtly speak to all directions at once.

1. FARROW: My apologies for keeping you waiting

2. SFX/all around/faint: ssskkKHhhsssshhhhsss

FARROW in the midst of the SMOKE, looking around. He can hear something skittering along the floor.

3. FARROW/above/small: …I came as…ah…

FARROW’S pant-leg, the cuff. Something has just skittered over his shoe, and we can see its long, slender, scaled tail still trailing after as the creature disappears into the darkness and SMOKE.

4. FARROW/small: …ah…

On FARROW, looking up, reacting, he’s almost relieved. The voice is coming from the darkness before him; at least he’s got a direction to face, now.

5. FARROW/small: …a-as soon as I could, sire….

6. TAILLESS/effect: You know what I like about you, Farrow?

7. FARROW: No, sir.