Kickstarter AvatarHi, folks. Eric here. A quick note: We’d planned for the comic to resume today, but this week, as you might expect, has been a bit crazy. We do plan to post the next strip on Monday. If you think it’s been a rough wait for you, imagine how poor Farrow feels, sitting there, in the dark.

So we continue to do well with our Kickstarter campaign. I’ve titled this post “Our success,” and in using that pronoun, I don’t just mean Greg, Rick and myself. I mean all of you as well. We’re incredibly lucky to have you as readers, but we think of you as more than that. We truly do talk about you guys in terms of our community. In scrolling through the list of backers, I recognized many of your names from your regular posts. In looking around at the social media that directed backers to our campaign, I saw many of you spreading the word and beating the drum for our comic. Pause for a moment on this next pair of sentences. Read them a few times. Know that I mean them:

We appreciate you more than you could know. We are completely overwhelmed by what you’ve done for us this week.

This is also a shared success because your overwhelming support will enable us to make the book the way we’ve always wanted. We hope that you’ll be proud to have it on your shelf. We’ve also been able to add some additional items (so far, a paper doll set and a “Pocket Guide” written by Edwin Windsheer) that we’ve been hoping to do for months, but were skeptical that we’d be able to afford. There are a few other things we’ll be doing if we make our stretch goals. These extras will enrich the storyworld and hopefully your reading experience.

Later today, I’ll be uploading a list of our pin-up artists, a high-res image of one of those pin-ups, and some “backer avatars” to the Kickstarter page (you get the first peek at one at the top of this post). Stay tuned for that update, but know that we also appreciate those of you who have been Lady Sabre “backers” long before this Kickstarter campaign began.