So, here’s the thing:

We find ourselves in this awkward place with the Lady Sabre Kickstarter, in that we’ve far surpassed our initial goal, and we’ve still got 26 days to go.

I’ve spent much of today wondering how much is too much. I’m self-conscious enough about what Eric, Rick, and I are doing here that I’m loathe to do anything that would be misinterpreted or feel like we’re abusing, or worse, that we’re ungrateful for, the support we’ve received.

Yet the campaign is ongoing. Do we continue to tweet and post and wave and shout about it (which I suspect is just what I’m doing now)? Do we cool our heels and deal with the paperwork and other things that have been suffering for lack of attention? Is it pushing things to post reminders, to say, yes, we know we’re over double our goal, but just in case you hadn’t heard, here we are again, and by the way, please tell your friends?

The ethics of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Everyone should have such problems. I think too much. Probably about the wrong things.

Here’s what we’re doing now:

I’ve talked to the printer, and we’re pricing expanded print runs, as it looks likely we’re going to blow through the 2,000 copies we’d planned on printing; we’re looking at finalizing our third stretch goal, which appears in sight, if not on target, the Process of Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether, a book that will print the scripts of Chapters 1 through 5, with notes and annotations (not unlike this book here) as well as sketches and designs from Rick and Eric; and we’re talking about a fourth stretch goal, one that truly excites us, because rather than introducing something new, we’re going to go back and revisit those print options on the book that we felt were too expensive, but which we can now afford, and thus improve the quality on the trade (this will apply to the Cloth Covers and Rare & Royal editions).

And we’re almost through the week, so we’re all looking to catch our breath.

Have I said how amazing I think all of you are? Have I said thank you again? Have I said it enough?

You don’t know just how much your support means to the three of us, to me and Rick and Eric. You cannot know. It has been a long, hard voyage to get to this place. You don’t know how much this is a case of the right-thing at the right-time. We keep talking about community. That’s you. This is getting mushy. I’m going to push on through. I’m repeating what Eric has already said. This is your success, you did this. Gratitude is a weak word in the face of that, and it is humbling beyond measure to have your support.

Her Ladyship’s campaign continues. The word continues to spread. We continue to grow.

To all those old hands and new ones, as ever, welcome aboard, and,

Hold fast.