There will be no new screens this week as we devote our energies to putting the final touches on our Kickstarter campaign prior to submission for approval. Rick is working up designs for a variety of our premiums, and Eric and I are trying to finalize all the pricing and details of the print edition.

We’ll be updating a couple more times this week regarding the campaign, with the hope of launching sometime early next week. We are, I have to admit, both incredibly nervous and incredibly excited about this. There’s a fair bit of i-dotting and t-crossing that we’re trying to complete in order to be sure we know exactly how much we need for everything we want to do. We’re being, perhaps, a little overly ambitious here, but the fact is, Rick, Eric, and I have a lot invested in the production of this trade; we’re all book lovers, and we want to create a book that all of us, including all of you in our incredibly supportive community, will be proud to call our own.

So, to whet the whistle, a couple of things:

The book will be 192 pages in a “landscape” 11 x 8.5 edition, to preserve “screen formatting.”
The book will be hardcover, cloth, with foil stamping on front and spine.
Rick will be designing the dustjacket.
There will be extras, including pin-ups from artists many of you know from other comics in print and on the web.

More details later.

Thanks, as ever, for your patience and support.

Hold fast!