Angle, a Shera Street in not the very nicest part of town. FARROW is stepping down from a hansom cab, adjusting his hat. He has a cane in his other hand.

The cab driver looks nervous and somewhat confused that a gentleman such as this would be disembarking here.



Interior of a rather disreputable aether den – think opium den and you won’t be too far off the mark – as FARROW comes through the door to be met by KEENE.

KEENE is shorter even than Farrow, maybe in his early 20s. He’s taking FARROW’S HAT and CANE.

FARROW is all business.

1. KEENE:                                Took you long enough.

2. FARROW:                            My choice was haste or discretion.


KEENE keeping up with FARROW, as FARROW descends a flight of stairs into the main room of this particular den of iniquity. We’re seeing some of those same AETHER PIPES we saw Kaya smoking, the same BLUISH HAZE in the air. A couple of wasted-looking PROSTITUTES are keeping customers company.

FARROW looks decidedly out of place here, at least as far as how he’s dressed. That said, he’s moving through the space with assurance and even some familiarity. KEENE even more so.

3. FARROW:                            You tell me which he’d rather I’d pursue.

4. KEENE:                                Fair enough. But you’ve kept him waiting…


KEENE watching the room as FARROW steps through a SECRET DOOR in the wall.

5. KEENE:                                …and he’s in a mood, to be sure.