Screen 1

SABRE lowering the glass.

It’s all catching up with her, now. The adrenaline crash, the relief.


SABRE looking up to see that WEST is beside her.

1. WEST: They’re coming about.

2. SABRE: We’ll be half to the horizon before they finish their turn.
3. SABRE: We’ll be beyond their sight by dark.

SABRE hands WEST the GLASS, turning away and smiling up at him. It’s a tired smile.

4. SABRE: Hold this course for the next hour, then resume original heading.
5. SABRE: Adula and Forte to assess damage and make their report to me at dinner.

Stet, but SABRE is turning away, turning to the fore, beginning to move that way.

6. SABRE: Hands may stand down

Screen 2

Behind SABRE, as she descends the quarterdeck to the main deck.

We can see the damage from the battle. TWO CREWMEN lay dead on the deck, another FOUR WOUNDED. The dead BOMBARDIER still lying there. The broken lines and splintered wood.

DRAKE is by the mainmast, where DRUM is just now dropping down to join him. He’s watching her.

Think about how you want to light this, please; I’m imagining she’s moving towards the sunlight, but that may not work.

The battle has ended.

1. SABRE: …I must settle our butcher’s bill….