If you’re in the Seattle area, and I know from checking Google Analytics that Washington is fourth in terms of our readership, drop by and see Greg at the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. He’ll be at table D-13, and, you may have noticed, posted an FAQ recently about convention plans.

If you are our reader in Rexford, NY, who checks in six times a month, which I also know via Google Analytics, please consider visiting the beautiful campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic in Troy, NY, where Eric (who is me, a doctoral student at the school in question) will be presenting a panel 9PM Saturday at Genericon, RPI’s Anime/Sci-Fi/Gaming convention. The subject of the panel is Worldbuilding in Webcomics, and I’ll be talking about ways that we’ve successfully (and hell, unsuccessfully) utilized the website to develop the world of Sabre, how we’ve engaged and utilized our community, and the steps we’re taking to continue our worldbuilding efforts into the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

It will be an open discussion, Rexford, so bring your thoughts on these things as well!

Rick will be shackled to his drawing desk in his Missouri home, slaving away on this comic that you all love.