On Pegasus’ deck, SABRE is spinning around, about to shout orders. DRAKE is reacting, moving towards her. He didn’t realize the dire situation before, perhaps, but he knows that did next to nothing.

SMOKE is thick as the CANNON crews shift their positions – they’re abandoning the cannon, not bothering to reload.

1. DRAKE: They’re still coming.

2. SABRE: Noticed that, did you?
3. SABRE/shout: Adula!

Angle past SABRE, turning towards us, with DRAKE, who is spinning around to watch as CREW leap for the lines, the SAILS filled and billowing.

ADULA is shouting orders to the CREW.


5. SABRE: Ballast to the fore!

Angle on PEGASUS, the IRON CROWN still closing, easily within 100 yards.

PEGASUS’ sails are BUCKLING, CREW hanging from the lines as they draw “wrong” slack, spilling the wind from the sails.

SABRE is visible on the DECK, running back towards the QUARTERDECK.

The SMOKE is still thick from the cannon fire.

6. SABRE: Stomp the bow!