Put this up on my Tumblr, but reblogging it here for posterity.

Some things you should know about what I’ll be doing at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend (and, frankly, just in general about any appearances/signings I do).

I am not scheduled for much in the way of panels, at least as far as I know. This may change.

I’m at table D-13. I will be there with Eric Trautmann, and next to Neal Bailey at D-12. We will probably be sprawling across both tables.

I will have things you can buy. I will have LADY SABRE T-SHIRTS and PRINTS. Shirts are $20, prints are $10. I will have random copies of some of my NOVELS, and trades/individual copies of some of my COMICS.

I will be able to take credit cards. Yes, I will give them back.

I am always happy to sign anything I’ve written (with one sole exception, but I’ll even sign that, though I won’t be happy when I do it).


No, I do not limit the items I sign. If you bring every issue of 52, I will sign every issue of 52. If there is a line, I may ask you to let me break the signing into chunks, so folks don’t have to wait too long.

I am always happy to chat. I can be easily encouraged to chat. The quickest way to shut me down is the way you would shut down anyone you’re meeting for the first time, ie, Wheaton’s Law.

If I’m not signing, I tend to get restless. Sometimes I get out a notebook and start jotting things down. Sometimes I’m reading. Sometimes I’m arguing with Eric. If I’m doing any of these things, but I’m at the table, I’m happy to sign. Just say hello.

If it’s quiet, sometimes the restlessness means I will leave the table and go walkabout. Sometimes I have appointments that take me away from the table, as well. I try to leave a note as to when I’ll be back, but things happen, and I may be late. You have my apologies in advance if I keep you waiting.

Looking forward to seeing you at the show!