Screen 1

Broadside shot of PEGASUS. We can see the “true” distance between the ships better here. Perhaps 150 yards still separate them, at the most.

PEGASUS’ starboard side, facing IRON CROWN, has erupted in an orgy of CANNON FIRE, blasts of FLAME and GOUTS of BLACK, acrid SMOKE.


Angle, along the IRON CROWN looking towards PEGASUS, as the CANNON SHOT dent and ring off her armored hull.

Maybe one cannon ball has scored a penetrating hit out of luck, but the rest are CAREENING off the dirigible’s hull, skipping along its sides. Perhaps one or two of the shots are taking a lucky BOUNCE and snapping control cables, or skimming along the FLIGHT DECK, tearing through gear or FLIGHT CREW.

The broadside has thrown up an INCREDIBLE amount of SMOKE.