Remember the screens a month back when Drum scaled the mast and took out the Hollern Flyer whilst being serenaded by Giselle?

That song she sang? That’s an aether shanty. Surely it’s not the only one, though it’s the first we’ve “heard” in the strip so far. We were wondering if you knew of any more?

Here’s a chance to help us enrich the details of our world. We’d like to see a collection of aether shanties and folk music from the floating lands composed by our readership. I’m sure some of you play musical instruments, and all of you have it in you to at least come up with some words for others to sing!

I’m hoping that we’ll at least solicit some lyrics, and also some actual recordings of songs that we can collect on a service like SoundCloud. In the best interests of mimicking the folk tradition, let’s establish that everything created via this thread is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, meaning that everyone can share, remix, adapt and use the stuff we come up with, so long as those new remixes, adaptations, and uses are released with a similar license.

Use the comments section of this post as a grounds for sharing your work or your interest in collaboration. Personally, I’d like to hear songs performed in a traditional style with traditional instruments (if you have access to a hurdy gurdy, you automatically win at everything). But we’re open too to “modern interpretations” of classic aether tunes.

Here’s a contribution from me to kick things off. Feel free to do with it as you please (consider it inspired by Marty Robbins):

The man who rode from Tanitin
With a mustache waxed and black
Went out pursuing five men
Only one of them came back
And the fifth, he told of four graves
Where once four men had been
But he’d not dared to draw against
The Man from Tanitin

No deadlines, no obligations…let’s see what we can come up with! When you have something to share, drop it in a comment, or send a link via an Aethergram.