Interior of the bridge of the Iron Crown, back in the dim red light. Looking at HANS and the XO. HANS is lowering his GLASS, grim-faced.

The XO is leaning forward, excited.

1. HANS: <Nose to zero, full ahead.>
2. HANS: <She will greet us with cannon…>

HANS handing the GLASS to the XO.

HANS is somber. He’s feeling a lot of mixed emotions here.

3. HANS: <…it will not be enough.>

4. XO: <You mean to run her through.>

HANS, turns away from the XO, to look past us. A mix of emotions, as I said: bitterness and fondness and remembered pain and delight.

5. HANS: <I mean to pierce her heart.>
6. HANS: <All hands brace for impact.>

Behind HANS. The XO has turned, relaying orders through his tube. HANS is looking out at the SMOKE, beginning to dissipate.

We can see PEGASUS, becoming more visible, close enough that we can see the distant shapes of CREW moving about.

7. XO: <All hands brace! Prepare to ram!>
8. XO: <Prepare to board!>