Hey, all –

We are finally putting together quotes for a run of our first trade, which will collect Chapters One through Five of this, our First Book of Sabre. Eric, Rick, and I have been preparing the document and we’ve begun seeking out printers to get quotes on the run. Once we’ve gotten a few (or more than a few, honestly) bids in, we’ll be moving to Kickstarter. Our plan is to make this edition a Kickstarter/by-hand only book, meaning that it’ll only be available through the Kickstarter, or from Eric, Rick, and myself at conventions.

We’re trying to keep the price reasonable for what is looking to be a 192-page hardcover; ideally, we’ll be able to offer the book for $25/copy.

Amidst all these preparations and various attempts to understand just what it is we’re about to get ourselves into, we’ve also discussed some of the premiums we’d like to offer as part of the Kickstarter campaign, and this brings me to you lovely folks. We have lots of ideas, and we’ve gotten lots of advice from creators who’ve been down this road ahead of us, but we’re curious: What would you like to see offered in the Kickstarter, aside from the book?

Please share your thoughts! This matters a great deal to us – we’ve got a lot riding on doing this right!

Hold fast!