Rick – this is an awful lot of information for one panel; do what you can, discard what doesn’t work.

New angle, from overhead PEGASUS, maybe medium or even a longshot. We’re re-establishing moment, here, Rick.

We can see GISELLE and DRUM, still atop the mainmast. They’ve stopped kissing, and GISELLE is holding onto DRUM by the BELT, as DRUM leans out to try and find another shot to take.

Below, we can see CREW scrambling in the rigging, clambering up to the sails.

Below them, we can see the movement on the DECK – DRAKE is looking up while other CREW put out the fire. The GUNNER is sprawled.

SABRE and WEST are on the QUARTERDECK with COFFEY. SABRE has climbed up onto the railing, balancing and pointing towards the cloud of smoke, which may, or may not, be in panel. WEST is reaching for her – he really doesn’t want her to fall.

The BURNING FLYER is spiraling away, past the port side of PEGASUS, now in a deep dive.

The TWO REMAINING FLYERS are buzzing about, still, one to ship’s port side, the other two to ship’s starboard – starboard of the ship being the direction of the smoke cloud. The FLYERS are FIRING on the ship; SHOTS chewing up DECK and hitting CREW.