Screen 1

Looking at the oncoming FLYER, the BOMBARDIER/GUNNER in the front, the PILOT just visible – barely – behind him.

The GUNNER is flinching, jerking his head to the side, reacting as Drum’s SHOT punches through the TOP of his seat, narrowly missing his head.



The GUNNER reacting, as the PILOT, behind him, slumps forward, dead.


Angle, DRUM and GISELLE, on the mainmast. DRUM has drawn his rifle in slightly, working the action to reload.

Both are looking at the FLYER, still heading toward them. If we can make it out, the GUNNER is scrambling, trying to push the PILOT back.

The FLYER is beginning to roll, nose starting to cant down in response to the pilot falling forward on the stick.


Screen 2

The FLYER closing on PEGASUS, now having rolled almost ninety degrees, it’s NOSE now stabilizing, because the Gunner has pushed the Pilot back, and the Pilot still has the stick in a deathgrip.

This puts the FLYER pretty much online with DRUM and GISELLE, atop the mainmast.

The question is whether the FLYER is going to smash into the Pegasus or not.

1. GISELLE: Huh.

2. DRUM: Hmm?

Atop the MAINMAST.

GISELLE has turned to face DRUM. She’s very calm in the face of impending doom. Her expression is more serious. She still holds his HAT in her hand, by the way.

DRUM has turned to face her, curious.

The FLYER is still closing in the background, still rolling. The GUNNER, frantic, is trying to undo his harness and maybe bail out.

It really looks like the FLYER is going to plow right into them.

3. GISELLE: Nice shot.

4. DRUM: Thank you.

Closer on GISELLE and DRUM.

GISELLE is putting DRUM’S HAT back on DRUM’S head. They’re intimately close. GISELLE has a slight smile. DRUM is looking at her with muted curiosity.

The FLYER is dominating the BG, screaming towards them. The GUNNER is panicking, bailing out, which means he’s pretty much dropping straight out of the FLYER.

5. GISELLE: I’m Giselle.

6. DRUM: Keyton Drum.

7. GISELLE: Mhm.

Screen 3

Gone With the Wind style pose. GISELLE has dipped DRUM, and is kissing him ardently.

DRUM, while surprised, doesn’t seem to mind this.

The FLYER is passing just over the top of the MAINMAST, so close the prop is splintering the masthead as it passes.