Atop the MAINMAST.

Looking past GISELLE and DRUM.

GISELLE still holds DRUM’S HAT in one hand, crouched on the tiny platform, her other hand on the line, leaning out.

DRUM is standing with that perfect balance, holding his rifle.

In the BG, we can see the FIRST FLYER is sweeping about, rising and turning to begin another run at the ship.

1. GISELLE/singing: oohhhh me boys, they sure did us wrong
2. GISELLE/singing: they dealt most unfair, they played us along…

Angle, GISELLE looking up at DRUM. DRUM hasn’t moved, almost perfectly serene. He still holds the RIFLE against his chest.

3. GISELLE/singing: they promised us ladies and lasses galore…
4. GISELLE/singing: they promised us riches from every foreign shore…

Angle, past the FIRST FLYER, now online with PEGASUS, beginning to close again.

Looks like they’re heading right for the top of the MAINMAST this time, where DRUM and GISELLE, small figures both, look very exposed, and very vulnerable.


On the FLYER PILOT. He’s seen them. He’s going to shoot them. He hates pirates.